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Why BSH?

Looking to the future – with a strong team.

We are driven by the purpose to make people’s lives easier around the world. To that end, we supply state-of-the-art home appliances and solutions that do not just ease the pressures of everyday housework, but are also kind to the environment and save valuable resources.

A strong global network of exceptional people makes this a reality. Our employees are focused on innovation and ready to take appropriate risks and learn from failure. They develop constantly by learning from and inspiring one another.

Innovative home appliances and solutions. Outstanding brands.That is how we improve quality of life worldwide.

Living up to our consumers’ expectations by providing innovative home appliances to improve their quality of life – that is what we constantly aim for. We are proud of our modern home appliances and our strong brands – but it takes more than that to be a market leader.

We pursue business excellence not only by continuously improving efficiency and quality, but also by providing connected products and solutions. Our focus is on our consumers’ needs, and we continuously broaden our understanding of them. The combination of outstanding expertise and innovative technologies enables us to create products that stir passion and ensures that our brands continue to be among the strongest in the home appliance market.

Most important, however, are the people who make up BSH. They enjoy the freedom, the inspiration and the support to really make a difference, everyone according to their potential. Our dedicated employees live and breathe collaboration, they inspire and learn from each other. In an atmosphere characterized by openness, trust and productive exchange, everyone is encouraged to contribute their ideas and solutions.

BSH as an employer.

What drives us.

Driven by the purpose to make people’s lives easier around the world we are always curious to take the next step. We show passion in everything we do. Providing an open and trustful environment of connected people turning ideas into innovative and user-centric home appliances. And that is what we work for, because: Tomorrow is our home.

Exploring new paths together.

Shaping the digital future and developing products and solutions perfectly tailored to the consumer –every single employee at BSH plays an important part in achieving that goal.

Motivated and qualified employees are the key to success. We are determined to empower you and ensure that you develop your skills to the maximum. As we aim to fill open positions with talent from within our company, we place great importance on offering you the best development opportunities. Our talent program and succession planning helps us to strategically identify, promote and network selected employees as well as our (junior) management staff.

We support continuous learning for all of our employees worldwide. It enables us to meet the strategic and operational challenges of the future. Our BSH Academy offers programs and training qualification tailored to specific target groups. Digital learning formats make it easy for you to integrate these into your work schedule.

From Sweden to South Africa, from China to the United States, BSH is represented in around 50 countries around the globe. We support worldwide knowledge exchange between our employees through international support programs as well as a BSH-wide network.

If you would like to find out more about the exciting international challenges BSH offers you, please visit our world map.

Our employees are significant contributors. We know and value this. That's why we offer our employees an attractive remuneration package with added benefits that extend beyond statutory or collective agreement regulations.

Our compensation & benefits policy ensures a transparent and competitive remuneration.

At BSH, we have a mix of people from countries and cultures around the world. As we appreciate our employees in their differences and similarities, we do not just talk about diversity, we live it. Because we believe that the varied experiences, perspectives and skills of the people at BSH have a positive impact our company's success. At the same time, they mirror the diversity of our customers and their wishes.

We therefore specifically promote interdisciplinary cooperation and open dialog in international teams in order to develop innovative ideas and future-oriented solutions.

Individual support programs for women

Around 30 percent of our employees are women. We actively promote and support our female employees to realize their potential.

Age-appropriate advancement

We gladly accept the challenge of demographic change, in accordance with the motto: "Shaping the future". We greatly value the many years' experience and in-depth capabilities of our senior employees and want to benefit from their outstanding expertise in the long term. We offer our senior employees assistance such as individual support measures or ergonomic workplaces, making sure that they enjoy a healthy work environment.

We are convinced that people are happier when their professional and private lives are well balanced. We therefore enable them to achieve this balance by offering them to work from home or take time off for further training and education, for example.

Health management

Health is invaluable. High standards for our production facilities ensure a healthy as well as ergonomic and safe workplace. In addition, health checkups and fitness programs are an integral part of our health management.

As a leading manufacturer of home appliances and solutions, we know that digitalization is not just about technology. It will continue to reshape the way we live and work. We explore a wealth of new user-centric products, services and experiences. In our user experience labs, we develop innovative products that are tailored precisely to the needs of consumers and that satisfy the strictest design and technology standards.

While we shape the digital future, we never stop learning. At BSH, we rely on an interdisciplinary approach in international teams using agile working methods to implement our innovative developments. Work areas are therefore created for this purpose in project centers in which all disciplines involved in product projects are bundled in order to work collectively on a concrete solution, for example for refrigeration technology.

Innovative working at BSH is also supported by workshop events, such as the BSH Hackathon ,thus promoting the exchange of knowledge between developers and user experience experts.

BSH is a unique home for a large number of strong brands known for quality and reliability. This enables us to serve consumers with the most varied demands regarding home appliances. This provides us with. Our employees can switch between divisions in the course of their career at BSH and expand their knowledge on markets and consumers in the different brand worlds, making use of new development opportunities.

Top Employer 2017

Everyone loves to win an award. And we are no different. It is even more pleasing to have received the coveted international "Top Employer Europe" award (Belgium, Germany, England, France, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Turkey) for the fourth time in succession from the independent Top Employers Institute. We have also been certified as "Top Employer Asia Pacific" (Australia, China, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand) and as "Top Employer USA".

Susanne Trojer
“The opportunity to live and work for three years in the United States – and then feeling just as welcome as before back at Head Office in Munich.”

Highlights at BSH - Susanne Trojer.

Exciting challenges – worldwide.

We offer excellent career prospects to employees who are ready for a change and would like to not only apply their know-how abroad but also expand it. This also applies to those who want to work for us abroad as part of a temporary transfer. We provide extensive support for employees who move abroad. This also includes partners of expatriates who accompany them. We assist in looking for employment, professional development or social integration.

You, too, have an opportunity to develop new markets together with us, for example, in India, Taiwan or Kazakhstan.

For career opportunities in BSH Home Appliances subsidiaries in the Asia Pacific region, please send your enquiries to the relevant email address:

Top Employer.

Everyone loves to win an award.

And we are no different. It is even more pleasing to have been certified as "Top Employer" in multiple countries (Belgium, China, France, Spain, United Kingdom and USA).

In our latest employee survey, nearly 90 percent of our employees said they are highly engaged with BSH. This makes us very proud!

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